Hunger striker in Israeli jails loses memory, at risk of paralysis, says group

RAMALLAH,� A Palestinian hunger striker, who has refrained from eating for 49 days to protest his administrative detention, has lost his memory and is at risk of sudden paralysis, Saturday said the Palestinian Detainees Commission.

The commission Ahmad Shadid, 20, who is currently receiving treatment at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center inside Israel, has lost memory and a lot of weight and may suffer paralysis at any time.

Shadid has also lost the ability to walk and suffers from chronic headaches and persistent symptoms of dizziness, and imbalance, along with breathing difficulties, weakness in the heart muscle, vision problems and severe pain in the eyes, chest, and abdomen.

Shadid was detained on August 2 and held under administrative detention without charge or trial.

The commission called on the Israeli Supreme Court to release Shadid and put an end to the policy of slow killing committed by the Israeli intelligence (Shabac) against the hunger striker.

It held the Israeli government fully responsible for his life.

The Israeli Supreme Court has reportedly scheduled a hearing to be held on Monday to look into his case.

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency (WAFA)

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