Weather Forecast: drop in temperatures

RAMALLAH,� Weather on Tuesday is expected to be partially cloudy with a drop in temperatures, yet remaining around two degrees Celsius above the annual average, according to the Palestine Meteorological department.

Winds are northwesterly to westerly and light to moderate and occasionally active, and sea waves are low.

A low chance of scattered showers is expected in the afternoon, particularly on the northern areas.

Cloudy to partially cloudy skies with another drop in temperatures are expected for Wednesday, to become 2 degrees Celsius lower than the annual average. Scattered rain showers are also expected to develop on different areas.

Skies on Thursday are expected to be partially cloudy with a rise in temperatures, to become around the annual average. A little chance of scattered rain showers are expected for Thursday morning.

Temperatures are expected to slightly rise on Friday.

Following is a table on temperatures anticipated on Tuesday across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency (WAFA)

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