Abu Dhabi MBA Module Launches January 2013

Abu Dhabi: INSEAD, the leading international business school, today announced that it is expanding its global education offering with the introduction of a specifically designed “Abu Dhabi MBA Module”, providing students in its France and Singapore campuses a comprehensive and immersive MBA learning experience in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Designed in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and senior partners in Abu Dhabi’s government, and business sectors, the module marks a significant extension of INSEAD’s MBA programme in the region.

Commenting on the announcement, Peter Zemsky, Deputy Dean of Degree Programmes, said; “The UAE has grown to become one of the most important business centres in the world. When we inaugurated our Abu Dhabi campus in 2010, we did so in an effort to better understand and contribute to the development of the region through in-depth research of important business topics of both regional and global interest. In a short space of time we have conducted valuable research from our Abu Dhabi Campus and it is only natural that we would want our students in our two other campuses to benefit from the rich educational and professional environment in the UAE.” The new academic programme for the new modules’ will consist of three parts: “Doing Business in the UAE and the Middle East,” a course that surveys regional challenges and opportunities and a popular elective course, “Negotiation Dynamics” taught by an INSEAD professor; the final module will see students engage in field-based work on a live case in conjunction with a local partner.

Dr Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Director General of the ADEC said, “The initiative comes in line with Abu Dhabi Government Vision 2030 to position the capital as an education hub. Thanks to the support offered by our prudent leadership to provide students with the some of the best educational opportunities on an international level. Students will learn how to strengthen their management skills, and to contribute in a globally competitive environment as part of Abu Dhabi’s socioeconomic development.” Zemsky added, “The module’s objectives will be two-fold: to deepen students’ understanding of Abu Dhabi and this dynamic region and to help them cultivate career opportunities in the Middle East. We designed the module carefully, selecting a set of high-profile international and local partner organisations that will provide guest speakers, host company visits and sponsor unique project work. This will offer our students a unique experience.”


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