ADDED revises contractual provisions of service activities in Abu Dhabi

WAM ABU DHABI: Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development is embarking on comprehensive review of unfair contractual provisions which undermine consumers’ rights in many service activities in the emirate, as a prelude to refine contractual terms and set more balanced and just contractual relationships between consumers and the service providers at the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Within this context, the Department met with a number of representatives of labor recruitment offices in Abu Dhabi, to discuss clauses contained in contracts that govern this business in Abu Dhabi, to primarily maintain the rights of workers and service users. The Department was briefed by representatives on contracts concerning their activities, in addition to comments and remarks in this regard.

The Policies and Legislation Sector of the Department of Economic Development works to identify and list activities by number of complaints filed by consumers to the Commercial Protection Section; and conducts surveys through questionnaire distributed to target consumers in events organized by the Department. The last questionnaire was distributed during the Commercial Fraud Combating Exhibition, organized by the Department in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, to identify of service activities contracts, which consumers see as unfair; in addition to obtaining feedback on reasons for consumers’ dissatisfaction with such contracts and terms; as well as their suggestions in this regard.

The Policies and Legislation Sector of the Department, is also reviewing samples of contracts used in each activity, in order to detect unfair controversial contractual provisions, and suggest preliminary proposals for reformulation of such clauses to make them fairer to consumers.

The Department was keen to meet a number of service providers in each activity in the emirate, and listen to their comments and views on contractual terms and amendments proposed by working groups to each activity, while ensuring protection of the rights and interests of contracting parties.

A general guidance for contracting in each activity will later be sent to service providers through various means of communication.

This initiative is due to be completed within 8 months, and aims at formulating a model contract for each activity, in order to safeguard the interests of contracting parties, and simplify contractual jargon and concept to be properly comprehended by average consumers. The Department will conduct comprehensive questionnaires for consumers, to determine how satisfied they are with the services they receive, in accordance with proposed model contracts; and ensure the effectiveness of steps taken to address any deficiencies during application.