ADM approves new procedures for handing over private land plots for construction processes

Abu Dhabi: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City (ADM) has endorsed a new set of procedures for handing over land plots for construction processes in the context of the assessment of procedures already launched by the civic body in this regard.

The process aims to streamline service processes, standardize procedures and forging effective integration ‘&’ cooperation between the concerned divisions under the ultimate objective of improving the customer service experience.

Engineer Salah Awad Al Sarraj, Acting Executive Director of Town Planning Sector at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, said: “This step is taken as part of efforts made to streamline and control the building processes, and fend off violations resulting from the construction of various buildings and facilities within the realm of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City and suburban areas.” The new process will also ensure the continuous updating of spatial databases following the implementation of the Base Map project. Accordingly, land plots will be handed over and construction works will be monitored in buildings whose demarcation lines have been handed over in collaboration with the Spatial Data Division and Building Permits Division at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City. Procedures include identifying the demarcation lines for construction purposes, soil testing, land surveying, building of the temporary fence, issuing of the construction permit, and starting of the construction process, he added.

Engineer Hasan Mohammed Al Mulla, Head of Survey Section at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, said: “As for the final survey of the building, the contractor has to submit an application for a final survey certificate of the completed building, copy of land demarcation certificate, copy of building lay-out certificate, building report, building permit, survey of boundary wall certificate, and the payment of the applicable fees.

“Procedures required to be completed after the final survey of the building and completion of all construction works have to be completed through the Building Permits Division, and the service requires completion of documents which include the final building survey certificate. In case no violations or offences are detected, the final completion certificate will be issued as per the applicable procedures. Should there be any contraventions or violations, necessary procedures in place will be taken accordingly. For the issuance of the final completion certificate of the building, the contractor has to redress all discrepancies relating to the compliance with the approved demarcation lines assigned to him, or the building height,” he added.


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