ADM participates in Intelligent Transport Systems Forum in Qatar

Abu Dhabi: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has participated in the Intelligent Transportation Systems ‘&’ Traffic Safety Forum 2012, hosted by the Ministry of Works in Qatar earlier this month, where it presented two working papers; the first reviewed the Municipality’s Traffic Safety Plan, and the second highlighted the Intelligent Traffic Systems installed in Al Salam Street Tunnel.

In the first working paper, Eng. Abdullah Saeed Al Shamsi, Acting Executive Director of Infrastructure and Municipal Assets Sector, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, shed light on the traffic safety indicators in the roads of Abu Dhabi city and the significant decline in the traffic-related injury ‘&’ fatality rates which dropped from 2009 till now by as much as to 28 per cent.

Al Shamsi also addressed the initiatives undertaken by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City in collaboration with its strategic partners and other government institutions, including Abu Dhabi Police, Department of Transport, and Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, particularly the Safety Initiative in school zones launched by the Municipality last May with the aim of boosting the safety levels on streets ‘&’ surroundings of schools by setting up speed calming devices, dedicating special parking areas for school buses, and installing directional signs ‘&’ appropriate road surface markings. The initiative also included traffic improvements in over 240 schools inside and outside Abu Dhabi Island.

He also quoted a number of traffic safety guides issued by the Department of Municipal Affairs such as Traffic Safety Audit Procedures on Road Projects, Calming Traffic in City Streets Guide, and Traffic Management in Road Works Areas Guide.

In the second working paper, Majid Abdul Kathiri, Head of Traffic Services Section, Internal Roads and Infrastructure Division, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, tackled the components and features of the intelligent traffic systems set up in Al Salam Tunnel and their contribution to raising traffic safety for tunnel users. The paper reviewed the key criteria developed during the system’s design phase and the overall system structure which has the ability to link all systems in the tunnel with one centralized system capable of easing the surveillance and detection of faults in devices operating in the tunnel via a single screen.

The audience attended to a briefing on the importance Al Salam Street Development Project and the Eastern Ring Road, being one of the largest road projects undertaken in Abu Dhabi city, along with the objectives of the project, such as increasing road capacity, and serving as an important link between all development projects around Abu Dhabi Island, such as Reem, Saadiyat, Al Maryah and Yas Islands.