ADM seizes bulks of unregistered herbal products

WAM Abu Dhabi, Feb 10th, 2013 (WAM) — The Public Health Division, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, in surprise inspection campaign has seized herbal products weighing 125 kgs, which were not conforming to the prescribed health stipulations.

Khalifa Al Rumaithi, Director of Public Health, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, said: “The campaign is being launched in the context of the unwavering commitment ‘&’ ongoing endeavours of the municipality to upkeep the public health ‘&’ safety, enforce the standards of public safety, and monitor the market to verify that all items supplied to consumers are compliant with the standards, stipulations and specifications set in the rules ‘&’ regulations governing the trading in such activities; which aim in the first place to protect the health of the community and deter offenders.” Following the inspection of the seized items, they have been categorized into three groups; the first includes sexual tonics for men. These products were not registered at the Ministry of Health and thus unauthorized to be used. Some of them have no defining labels and show some text in Chinese language claiming they are herbal products. Experience has shown that such products are always fake and mixed with controlled chemical drugs, thus their use without medical supervision might result in gross health hazards.

The second group were slimming products comprising a range of products giving consumers false impression that such products are effective in weight loss. Such products ought to have been registered with the Ministry of Health; which is not the case, which indicates that they have been adulterated with high-risk prohibited chemical drugs.

The third group relates to a diverse cast of sexual drive cr?mes, fluids and syrups for women, comprising creams and liquids for external use in order to stimulate their sexual activity. Some of these products were packed as tea or syrups for drinking; which explains the possibility of being utilized to sexually manipulate ladies in certain cases.

Based on the above, all items seized were classified as fake products unauthorized to be traded in the UAE with the potential of causing grave health harms to users.

Al Rumaithi called upon the public to completely abstain from using or buying these anonymous products which fall short of the health stipulations from outlets unlicensed to practice such activities.