Al-Attiyah: Qatar Will Play Important Role Towards Reaching Acceptable Agreement on Climate Change

Doha, November 26 (QNA) -HE the  Chairman of the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority, President United Nations Eighteenth Conference on Climate Change (COP18) Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah said that Qatar will play an important and strong role so that agreements and conclusions would be reached.
Addressing a news conference at Qatar National Convention Centre where COP-18 is being held HE Al-Attiyah stressed that such agreements and conclusions should be  supported and accepted by everyone in order to meet the challenges of climate change.
HE Al-Attiyah added that Qatar is pleased to host this global event and will do every possible thing to make it a success.
He also expressed pleasure  for being designated as President of the Conference, emphasizing that he would work with all parties and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to find solutions to the problems of climate change that can gain satisfaction and commitment of everyone.
HE Al-Attiyah went on saying that the matter is not easy, but not difficult at the same time, expressing optimism that positive results would be reached.

 HE Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah said this conference is having its special nature where seven parties are meeting in Doha for the first time noting that causes pressure on all countries in dealing with the issue of climate change and at the same time in reaching  balanced decisions accepted by everyone.
     He cautioned in this regard that any unbalanced decisions will face the problem of how to deal with them, adding , “We in Qatar support the reaching of a new agreement for the second phase of the Kyoto Protocol and the closure of the long-term cooperation LCA and  dealing with all parties.
     He urged all States to negotiate saying  “We, as  presidency,  will be neutral and  will deal with everyone with full transparency and we will support all positive positions”, calling on states and groups to work for a balanced agreement accepted by everyone.
  Responding to a question,  Al-Attiyah said he doesn’t believe in the calculation of the rate of pollution and emissions, according to the population of states, pointing to the need to focus on the amount of emissions produced by each country.
  He pointed out that nobody ask about the source of gases emitted in the atmosphere or their  ratio to the population, stressing that Qatar has a record in reducing emissions, has a national strategy and that more than 50 percent of the greenhouse gases have been reduced .
    He explained that Qatar has conducted the largest reduction of greenhouse gases in the field / Shaheen / explaining that it achieved a lot in this area, has areas of development and advanced research to capture carbon dioxide and believes that technology will solve many of these problems.
HE Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah noted that Qatar is the world largest Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) producer, and thus provides the best solutions for other countries regarding solving the problems of emissions, which means that it participates in solving many of other countries’ problems since LNG gas became the best option for reducing emissions, pointing out that Qatar is a significant supporter in this regard.
 HE Al-Attiyah said that if we produce carbon dioxide, we also produce LNG. He added that having the goal to reduce emissions dramatically, we have already introduced the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in the Shaheen field, noting that according to the national strategy Qatar is working to reduce emissions and is committed to that. He explained that it is investing a lot of money in this area.
 Al-Attiyah meanwhile expressed optimism that Qatar would achieve low levels of carbon dioxide emissions, stressing that it is making genuine efforts in this regard.
 He said “We are not waiting for this conference to show off. Our plans for the future began long ago and we use the best technology to address environmental issues.”
HE the President of the UN 18th Conference on climate change (COP18) Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah said  Qatar believes that solar energy and its uses is an important option.
 He noted in a related context that one of the challenges facing Qatar, other than the small area, is the challenge of dust as it reduces the effectiveness of solar energy, stressing again that modern technology is able to solve these problems.
 HE Al-Attiyah pointed out that the State of Qatar is one of the biggest donors in the world in terms of aides to poor and developing countries in Africa, Asia and even in Eastern Europe, saying it plays major roles in deferent fields in this regard.
 He  said Qatar is part of the international order and will work with everyone in order to implement what was agreed upon at Copenhagen conference in Denmark, on providing USD 100 billion to support the aforementioned countries to meet climage challenges.

For her part, Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change urged all the states and governments to adhere to the time frames they committed effectively respond to the climate changes.
 Figueres recalled what was declared last month by the World Bank and the UN about the difficulty of survival under two-degree increase in temperature.
 In this respect, she said that we have the resources and technology to maintain these two degrees, pointing out  that the past 10 years have witnessed a lot of work in terms of legislations and local and international policies. She explained that regarding policies things are moving fast , but on the other hand opportunities  are getting narrower.
   Figueres hailed Qatar’s hosting of this important event to confer on three goals that include renewing commitment, in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol, to restore the confidence of everyone to combat climate change and to clarify the obligations of the Parties through the Kyoto Protocol.
 The second goal, she said, is pursuing a comprehensive global agreement on addressing climate change by 2015. And the third Goal is to accelerate the pace of financial support for the poor and developing countries and to reach a clear understanding of this support.
 The Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, urged everyone to double efforts during the next phase, and believe they have a clear goal to pursuit and work for under the guidance of the President of the COP -18 to achieve the desired objectives.
 She also stressed the importance of the existence of political balance in the agreements to be reached and in identifying the obligations and legal mechanisms to implement them. (QNA)