Al-Quds Open University student develops an electronic glove system that converts signals into text, audio


BETHLEHEM, Abdullah Abu Aker, a student at Al-Quds Open University – Bethlehem Branch, has developed an electronic glove system that can convert the signals used by the deaf and mute to express themselves into text and audio that appear on mobile phones and computers.

The glove, which is one of the projects adopted by the Palestinian Higher Council for Creativity and Excellence, is a device composed of flex sensors installed at the location of the joints of the fingers, and when the user moves his fingers, the sensors expand and emit an electrical signal that is picked up and changed into a text by a special Android application.

The device consists of an electronic glove equipped with five sensors on the finger joints that expand when the user bends his fingers leading to the production of an electrical signal, which is processed by the application to decipher the movement.

All the signals will be sent via Bluetooth technology to the application installed on the mobile phone, where it will convert the signals into text and audio.

The creator of this project has plans to expand it in the future to also include children with autism and to connect to a robot arm to be used by doctors who work with corona patients.


Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency