Al Wadi Al Akhdar Establishes Online Presence

BEIRUT, March 27, 2013 / PRNewswire –

Al Wadi Al Akhdar has activated its online presence in the past year through their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, as well as via the subsequent launch of their official website.

Thanks to their Facebook page, which has garnered almost 30,000 likes, Al Wadi Al Akhdar has become one of the leading Lebanese lights in brand awareness and engagement through social media. Their Facebook activities have included the “Kitchen Follies” Draw, the “Veggie Trivia” Draw, as well as the “Guess the Dish” cooking competition. The latter contest’s winner, Murielle Geadaa, bagged a culinary tour to Barcelona for two people.

Al Wadi Al Akhdar’s online presence has also expanded to Twitter, where they have amassed numerous followers and regularly tweet about recent brand events, competitions and products/recipes.

The Lebanese brand has also created its own Youtube channel, which includes product ads such as their Frozen Vegetables TVC, Foul Moudammas TVC and Bulgarian Cheese TVC.

Through its visibility on these various online platforms, as well as its website and upcoming blog, Al Wadi Al Akhdar has established a wide-ranging level of engagement with its customers. This leading Lebanese brand has managed to adapt itself to the changing times in order to develop a significant online presence.

About Al Wadi Al Akhdar

Al Wadi Al Akhdar is a leading Food Brand in Lebanon [http://www.alwadi-alakhdar.com/products ]. Offering a wide range of high quality products in addition to Middle Eastern and international food, Al Wadi Al Akhdar has established itself as the reference for high quality and authentic food products.

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