ALHOSN University’s MIS students fly off to US on educational tour

WAM Abu Dhabi, Mar 11th, 2013 (WAM) — The Management Information Systems (MIS) Department at ALHOSN University, has sent nine of its students (one male and eight females) on a once-in-a-lifetime 10-day trip to Seattle, USA, to learn about America’s educational and industrial practices.

Encouraged by University Vice Chancellor, the trip was meticulously prepared six months in advance by Dr. Fadia Hegazy, Associate Professor and Chair of the MIS Department, and Dr. Kamel Ghorab, Professor of MIS and strategic Management, who served as chaperons to the lucky participants.

The tour included a two-day visit to the offices of software giant Microsoft, where students participated in a series of workshops on Microsoft’s Program, Cloud Computing and Source Control at social networking service company Facebook. The delegates also paid a formal visit to Microsoft’s Visitors Center and Company Store where they learned about the evolution of the personal computer and its software applications.

Another highlight was the visit to the Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Company. The students took a 4-hour tour of Boeing’s production plant in Everett, Washington, where they witnessed the preparation of 747, 767, 777 and 787 jets prior to assembly. They were exposed to various management systems, concepts and techniques such as Just-In-Time, Production Smoothing, In-Process Product Inventory Management, and Management by Objectives, among many others.

“Fun and learning typically do not mix, but at ALHOSN we follow a holistic approach to personal and professional development. While of course we wanted to expose our students to some of the best educational and industry practices in the US, we also included elements of fun into their trip. This balancing of work, play and socialization is something that we hope our students will bring with them as productive members of their respective communities. We intend to continue preparing impressionable activities such as this US trip to bring about future leaders who are aware of the world, their selves, and their relevance to society,” said Prof. Ghorab.