CAIRO, Egypt, Feb 2 – The Arab Women’s Committee, pledged its support for women in Palestine, Syria and other embattled regions, and protecting all women in the region, through supporting economic empowerment, particularly in conflict zones.

At the conclusion of a two-day talks at the Arab League General Secretariat, the committee’s current declaration, reiterated commitment to an earlier meeting in Cairo, which resulted in the post-2015 Arab women’s development agenda.

The document urges the sustainability of the goal of “gender equality and women’s empowerment” as two fundamental factors.

Attendees called on the international community, and donor nations, to fulfill their pledges to refugee-hosting nations, to offer women in conflict zones protection, and to prevent all forms of discrimination or violence practiced against women.

Arab women are suffering from these attacks on an “unprecedented” scale, “particularly in regions of instability, armed conflict and war… like Syria, Iraq and Libya,” added the document.

The committee said, it would encourage enhanced joint efforts, aimed at improving the situation of women in the Arab world, thus ensuring them a decent and safe life, with their full human rights ensured.

In the meantime, it expressed sorrow over the heavy loss of life and injury, in the series of explosions, which rocked Egypt’s Sinai region.


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