Ashghal’s Moazanah Program Gains Global Award

Doha, November 07 (QNA) – Public Works Authority (Ashghal) is crowned with SAG 2012 award by the US based Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) for its Moazanah electronic program. The Moazanah program was selected for award from among more than 100,000 electronic application systems worldwide exhibited at the event.
On behalf of Ashghal, Eng. Abdussamad Al Makki, Manager of Moazanah program and Manager of Engineering Business Support Department (EBSD) at Ashghal received the award at a function in the presence of around 14,000 participants.
Ashghal was feted with this prestigious award in recognition of achievements made using “Moazanah” system compatible with geographic map system and integrated with the application of project management over the past two years in preparing budgets of major projects for the fiscal years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.
The Institute s website has published a summary of the integrated “Moazanah” program enforced by Ashghal in the state of Qatar.
The website note said that Public Works Authority is responsible for the preparation of annual budget for key state projects, whereas the EBSD of PWA identifies needs regarding requests for preparing budgets for projects on the basis of applications from the ministries and other public sector agencies through a special electronic system known as “Moazanah”.
According to ESRI, Public Works Authority s Moazanah aims at easing the process of preparing budgets for major state projects including their review and approval. Among the overall objectives of this program is to ensure that financing of projects go smooth with full transparency for all governmental agencies.
 Regarding the solutions applied in the program, ESRI said on its website: “In the past, the process of application and management of budges for key infrastructure and buildings projects were done manually through documentation and involving lot of paper works.
In many cases, this has led to non-completion of the required works and to the loss of many documents, which caused a lot of delay in holding meetings between the Public Works Authority, ministries and government agencies, both in order to discuss and solve problems relating to requests for projects and find out the reasons for the delay in delivery or requesting extension of deadlines for preparing project s budgets among others. The defect attributed to lack of efficiency and effectiveness of means of communication and correspondence at the time. “
Regarding application of technology in the program, the institute posted that the ultimate solution lies in using applications of Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint Web and On Point, and use of geo system as an integral part based on ArcGIS Server platform that supports and provides analytical space information.
The Moazanah system is supported by the application Primavera ‘s Project Portfolio Management (PPM), which is able to organize and manage projects, and the use of SharePoint application as server to ease interaction on documents, records and information and connecting them with the system through GIS maps.
The Moazanah project budget management system is also distinguished with a series of processes that determine role associated with all sectors and individuals, which brings achievements to all parties involved: Public Works Authority, all ministries and agencies associated with the system.
Engineer Nasser Ali Mawlawi, President of Public Works Authority commented that the Moazanah system manages all major infrastructure projects of the state from the beginning to the end, which not only eases the process of requests and approve projects, but we have been able to see savings and cost-effective and this undoubtedly brings impact on the revenue and value investment”. (END)