Attack on US consulate in Libya a deplorable act, UAE papers

Abu Dhabi: Leading English language newspapers of UAE have deplored attack on the US consulate in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

“It is a tragedy that the US ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and three consulate officials have died during an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi by an armed mob, which set fire to the building in protest against an amateur film that is apparently being produced in America and has been deemed offensive to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH),” Gulf News said in its today’s editorial The activities of the US State Department employees around the world have nothing to do with what private Americans may or may not be doing in their home country, and the right way to combat any anti-Muslim prejudice or propaganda in the US is through the courts in America. “If the video was designed to inflame Muslim opinion then it is wrong. But even if it was wrong, attacking American embassies is also wrong and will do not good,” the paper added.

“Khaleej Times” commenting on the same issue said in its editorial: ” Libya is in the grip of chaos. The killing of United States envoy and three other embassy staff in Benghazi over a documentary made by a California-based Israeli filmmaker that allegedly indulges in blasphemy is unfortunate.” However the paper remarked: “It is incumbent upon the US authorities to deal with the issue in an objective manner, and investigate the causes behind the rage. ….. The point is there shouldn’t be any politics or taking of sides over such an issue and those responsible for fomenting the discord, as well as those indulging in violence, should be taken to task.”

“The National” in its today’s editorial entitled: “Fight extremists on both sides after Libya attack” said: “It is an unfortunate fact of international affairs that such petty figures command any influence at all.” “Now it is Washington’s responsibility to avoid overreacting to this provocation in Benghazi, despite the tragic deaths of Mr Stevens and his colleagues. Extremism on both sides fuels a feedback loop of outrage that benefits only the lunatic fringe. And who loses? All those who favour peaceful understanding between cultures.

“Mature, prudent, thoughtful US candidates will respond to the killings with restraint. Now we’ll see how many such politicians there are,” the paper said.


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