Bylaw Issued to Regulate Charging of Electric Vehicles

The Authority for Public Services Regulation has issued a bylaw to regulate the charging of electric vehicles (EVs). Besides endorsing the regulatory framework for electric vehicles’ charging activities, the new bylaw sets out the technical requirements for connecting charging stations and devices to the network.

The regulation boosts Oman’s drive towards achieving carbon neutrality (zero emissions) by the year 2050. It stems from the country’s environmental commitments and international pledges to reduce carbon emissions. It also underlines the strategic approach of Oman Vision 2040, notably within the context of establishing a sustainable environment based on effective, balanced and flexible ecosystems.

In addition, the regulation highlights advancing Oman’s goal of transition into green economy and striking a balance between the requirements of development and environmental sustainability.

The bylaw is the outcome of concerted efforts made by various government departments to boost the country’s transition into zero-emissions in the transport sector.

The regulation provides for offering customs incentives and tax exemptions for the import of electric cars and their spare parts.

Besides encouraging the acquisition of these cars, the regulation helps in setting targets for the number of electric cars as part of the government plans to replace conventional cars with electric ones.

The bylaw sets the tariff for electric vehicles’ charging and it floats this activity for private sector investors.

Source: Oman News Agency