Conference condemns campaign against UNRWA

CAIRO, The emergency meeting of the Conference of Supervisors of Palestinian Affairs in Arab Host Countries condemned today the campaign against UNRWA, especially that of the U.S. administration.

The meeting, which was held in Cairo, came weeks before the 74th session of the UN General Assembly where it is expected to decide whether to renew the mandate of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

The meeting emphasized support for the continuation of UNRWA’s work in accordance with UN resolution No. 302 of 1949 to establish the agency, rejecting any change of the definition of the status of Palestinian refugees.

The emergency gathering, held at the request of the State of Palestine, called on the Arab League’s General Secretariat and its missions abroad as well as Arab Ambassadors’ Councils, to continue their efforts in activating diplomatic and political channels of communication with the countries of the world to urge them to vote in support of renewing the mandate of UNRWA.

The meeting also called on Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium to cancel their decisions to postpone their financial support to UNRWA, demanding the three countries not to link allegations of corruption cases that have not yet been proven, to stop or suspend financial aid to the UN agency.

It as well underlined the importance of the Arab presence at the ministerial-level Pledging Conference for Palestine Refugee Agency, which will be held on the sidelines of the 74th session of the General Assembly, urging Arab countries to contribute to overcome the financial deficit that is estimated at $120 million.

The Palestinian delegation was headed by the head of the PLO’s Refugee Affairs Department, Ahmad Abu Houli, the Director General of the PLO’s Department of Refugee Affairs, Ahmed Hannoun, and the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Cairo and its Permanent Representative to the Arab League, Diab al-Louh.

Speaking at the meeting, Abu Houli called on UN member states to support UNRWA financially and politically, urging them to vote in favor of renewing its mandate.

He also rejected the incitement campaign against UNRWA, which aims at liquidating the agency through urging donor countries to suspend or stop their financial assistance as well as not to vote in favor of renewing the UNRWA’s mandate.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency