DM launches e-signature system via national ID

WAM Dubai, 8 May 2013 (WAM)– Dubai Municipality in collaboration with Emirates Identity Authority has lunched yesterday a comprehensive e-correspondence programme by activating the e-signature system using the Emirates ID.

The system is aimed at simplifying the procedures of all type of government transactions without waiting for manual signature of concerned officials.

Khalid Bin Zayed, Assistant Director General of Dubai Municipality, Abdullah Abdul Rahman, Director of Corporate Excellence Department, Mohamed Al Noori, Director of Corporate Marketing and Relations Department and other senior officials were present on the occasion.

Abdullah Abdul Rahman said that this system allows the officials to sign any documents wherever they are in the world, which in turn would help the government transactions to complete as quickly as possible.

Currently the system will be activated on the internal e-correspondences of Dubai Municipality and will expand the services to other government bodies in future.

‘After the successful activation and execution of e-signature system in government internal correspondences, it can be applied for all types of public services,’ Abdullah said.

‘The moves comes as result of the keenness of Dubai Government for the complete automation of services and reduction of paper waste as much as possible saving the environment in all possible ways,’ he said.

‘The public can also avail the benefits of this system in near future by activating their ID card to know the data of ID, change the data, file a complaint to EIA as well as to follow-up the transactions using a four digit password,’ he added.

latheef WAM/LTF