DM signs MoU with MRHE

Dubai: The Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Est. services will now be available through Dubai Municipality services centres after the two parties recently signed a service Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Eng. Abdullah Rafia, Assistant Director General of Dubai Municipality and Sami Abdullah Qarqash, Chief Executive Officer of MRHE signed the MoU.

The agreement would enable Dubai Municipality to provide some services of MRHE through its employees and vice versa, complementing each other in providing government services such as application for residential plots and housing loan and its updating.

The agreement stipulates that DM is obliged to provide administrative and operational support for the services rendered and will supply required human resources. MRHE will be taking care of the training of the concerned employees of DM providing them the access to the service software, Rafia said.

Sami Abdullah said MRHE will appoint two of its employees as coordinators to support the DM staff and will evaluate the service for the first month of agreement.

DM will not assume any responsibility to receive payments for MRHE services. The service promotion will be the joint responsibilities of both bodies.

The period of MoU will be for two years and will be renewed automatically as long as the services are rendered successfully. A committee will be formed for the follow up of the execution of the articles.

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