Dubai Customs foils attempt to smuggle 133 Capsules of heroin

WAM Dubai, Nov 13th, 2012 (WAM) — Dubai Customs inspectors at Dubai International Airport (DIA) have foiled a bid to smuggle 133 capsules of heroin, weighing more than 1 kg, concealed in the guts of an Asian traveler coming into the country from an Asian country through DIA Terminal 2.

Ali Al Maghawi, Director of Airports Operations Department at Dubai Customs, said that the skills of customs inspectors at ports have led to foiling the smuggling attempt. They suspected a passenger who after arriving at the customs lounge was noted to behave and move in a state of confusion and hesitation. As Dubai Customs inspectors have wide field expertise and knowledge of reading and analyzing body language and having received extensive training in the art of suspicion, the passenger was closely monitored by specialized teams. When he arrived at the front inspection devices to have his bags searched, nothing was found. So, he was asked to go through the body scanner, which confirmed the inspectors’ suspicion and acumen, as some murky substance were detected inside his guts.

When questioned by the Customs Investigation Office at Dubai Customs, the passenger confessed that they were capsules containing a narcotic substance, and that he knew nothing about it. He said that he received them from someone at the departure airport, where he swallowed the capsules in order to get them out once he arrives in the country and hand them over to a person living in Dubai in exchange of a sum of money.

During the interrogation, he disposed of 38 capsules on his own, which were later revealed to be heroin and weighed 275.6 grams.

In the light of these findings and in line with the joint cooperation and coordination between Dubai Customs and Dubai Police Headquarters, the passenger, the seizure report, seized drugs and all other information that he confessed were transferred to the General Department of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police to proceed with all necessary legal actions.

The passenger was later taken to the hospital, where he disposed of the remaining capsules at a number of intervals. As it turned out, he had 95 other capsules weighing 782.4 grams of heroin in his guts.