EU provides Euros 12 million to support families in need in the West Bank and Gaza

JERUSALEM, – The European Union (EU) contributed almost Euros 12 million to the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) quarterly payment of social allowances to 109,000 poor Palestinian families in the West Bank and Gaza, an EU press release said on Tuesday.

This contribution amounts to Euros 11.75 million and is funded by the European Union (Euros 10 million), the Governments of Austria (Euros 1.25 million) and Ireland (Euros 0.5 million). It will cover the payments made to around 71,500 families.

The EU supports the payments to households living in extreme poverty that are registered in the cash transfer program of the Ministry of Social Development. Two thirds of the families benefiting from this program live in Gaza, said the statement.

The fight against poverty is at the heart of the EU’s political, economic, and social agenda, said the Deputy EU Representative Tomas Niklasson.

Through contributing to the payment of social allowances, the EU is supporting the Palestinian Authority in providing social protection to those in need. This is particularly crucial in Gaza where we are facing alarming and increasing poverty rates. he said.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency

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