Fatah spokesperson discusses Israel’s racist practices with US delegation from Georgetown and Minnesota universities

RAMALLAH, Fatah movement‘s spokesman and member of its Revolutionary Council, Osama Qawasmi, met today in Ramallah with two US delegations from Georgetown and Minnesota universities, where he briefed them on the reality of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Israel’s racist practices, and its implementation of the apartheid regime against the Palestinian people.

“The double standards in dealing with humanitarian issues and justice in the world is the greatest political hypocrisy in history,” he said. “The silence of the international community on Israel’s crimes while others protect it when we hear their voice loudly elsewhere is a true reflection of the discrimination in humanity and justice between people in this world.”

Qawasmi also briefed the delegations on the Israeli practices such as extrajudicial execution of \Palestinians, displacement of residents, demolition of homes, confiscation and theft of lands, the building of the apartheid wall, and Israel’s systematic destruction of the foundations of international law related to the Palestinian cause, and its insistence on consolidating the occupation and its apartheid regime.

He called on the US delegations, consisting of 70 students, to speak up in their universities and demand lifting the injustice, oppression, and occupation of the Palestinian people.

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency