FNC condemns visit of Iran’s Shura Council delegation to UAE’s occupied islands

Abu Dhabi, 6 May 2013 (WAM) – The Federal National Council has expressed condemnation and denunciation of the visit made recently by a delegation from Iran’s Shura Council to the three occupied UAE Islands of Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa.

In a statement issued today, the FNC said the policy of ‘Fait accompli’ practiced by Iran to perpetuate its occupation of UAE’s islands would not change historical and legal facts that confirm UAE sovereignty over the islands, and their territorial waters, airspace, continental shelf and exclusive economic zone, as being an integral part of the UAE.

Condemning the Iranian Shura Council’s, the FNC denounced the Iranian provocative acts which constitutes a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the United Arab Emirates over its territory and undermines all efforts for a peaceful settlement to end the Iranian occupation of the islands.

The FNC said in the statement that it will spare no effort to support the country’s firm stand which calls for ending the Iranian occupation of UAE’s three islands either through bilateral negotiations or through recourse to the International Court of Justice for regional security and stability.

The FNC called on Iran to translate its desire to improve relations with Arab countries into tangible steps by heeding serious and sincere calls by the UAE to resolve the issue in accordance with the principles of international law in order to build fraternal ties of good neighbourliness and mutual understanding.

It also urged Iran to refrain from the unfounded and rejected claims about UAE’s occupied islands and from taking hostile and unjustified steps that are devoid of any sign of keenness to enhance good neighbourliness, to build mutual trust and to help in reaching a just solution to the issue of UAE islands, occupied since 1971.

The FNC praised the stands taken by brotherly and friendly countries which called on Iran to respond to UAE’s initiatives for a peaceful solution to the UAE’s islands occupied by Iran.