Foreign affairs ministry reiterates condemnation of Israel’s ‘criminal’ assault against Gaza

RAMALLAH, Tuesday, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriatesreiterated its resolute condemnation of Israel’s criminal military assault against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip in, the occupied Palestinian territory.

Israel bears full responsibility for instigating and perpetuating this grave escalation, which has killed 11 Palestinian citizens, injured dozens of others and caused widespread destruction of civilian property, including entire residential buildings, said the ministry in a press statement.

Civilian buildings and installations have been deliberately targeted, in utter disregard to norms set out by international law, including international humanitarian law, said the statement.

The Palestinian civilian population in Gaza has been living in constant horror, caught in an aggression that has turned every corner in the besieged strip into a target.

These flagrantly illegal and criminal acts must be condemned in the strongest terms and brought to an immediate end. Gaza is no longer on the brink of disaster; it is living that disaster, which Israel, the occupying Power, has imposed on the two million Palestinians it has imprisoned, starved, and tormented under false and sinister pretexts for the past twelve years.

The ministry stressed the need for the international community to take urgent steps to end Israel’s brutal aggression on Gaza and ensure protection of the Palestinian civilian population, in line with states’ obligations under international humanitarian law.

The international community must not tolerate such perpetration of crimes and must shoulder its responsibility by enacting consequences for these crimes.

Further, Israel, as an occupying Power, has standing legal and moral obligations to protect the Palestinian civilian population and to ensure that they have full access to vital services. The High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention have a clear obligation to ensure that Israel fully abides by these responsibilities, stated the statement.

Grave violations of international law must have real consequences. The absence of accountability entrenches Israel’s impunity and puts more lives at risk. Silence and inaction are unacceptable and immoral.

In this regard, the Ministry called on the Security Council of the United Nations to uphold its Charter duties and take immediate and effective action to and put an end to this gave situation.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency