Foreign Ministry denounces Israel’s opening of ‘Apartheid Road’ in Jerusalem

RAMALLAH, Friday, The Ministry of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs condemned on Thursday the opening by Israeli occupation authorities of route 4370 in occupied Jerusalem, which separates Israeli from Palestinian traffic.

The Ministry condemned in the strongest terms the recently opened Apartheid Road and expressed its shock at the international silence on the manifestations of apartheid in occupied Palestine. It also expressed deep astonishment at international indifference, weakness and inaction towards hundreds of international resolutions on the situation in Palestine.

It is a shame for the international community to be a witness to the establishment and deepening of the Apartheid regime in occupied Palestine without lifting a finger, the Ministry said in a press release.

The statement by MoFA came after Israeli occupation authorities announced opening of route 4370, which has been called the Apartheid Road. The road is divided in the middle by an eight-meter high wall. Its western side serves Palestinians, who cannot enter Jerusalem, whereas the road’s eastern side serves Israeli settlers, who can now reach the Jerusalem neighborhoods of the French Hill and Jabal al-Mukabir more easily.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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