Foreign Ministry urges world not to miss peace opportunity presented by President Abbas

RAMALLAH, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates called today on the international community not to miss the peace opportunity presented by President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Foreign Ministry said in a press statement that “in his historic speech to the United Nations General Assembly on September 23, President Abbas will call on the international community to assume its responsibilities and take advantage of the peace opportunity offered by him, and to compel the occupying state to engage in a real peace process leading to an end of the occupation of the land of the State of Palestine.”

“President Mahmoud Abbas’ speech will constitute an important historic landmark on the road to thwart and topple the expansionist colonial plans of the occupying state and its denial of the just and legitimate national rights of our people,” added the statement.

The Foreign Ministry pointed out that “Israel is threatening to escalate its aggression against our people under flimsy pretexts, and is daily implementing more expansionist colonial plans aimed at imposing more restrictions on the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem and in Area C.”

“Israel is continuing its aggression against the Palestinian people, their land, property, homes and sanctities, in an official all-out war aimed at stealing and plundering more Palestinian land and imposing Israeli sovereignty there.”


Source: Palestine News & Info Agency