HE Fahad Al Attiyah: (COP18) Witnesses An Unprecedented Participation of NGOs

Doha, November 30 (QNA) РHE Fahad bin Mohamed Al Attiyah, the Chairman of the COP18 Organizing Sub-Committee of the 18th UN Climate Change Conference (COP18), now in session in Doha, has said that the conference this year has witnessed large and unprecedented attendance on part of the Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs)  .
Speaking at a press conference at Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) here on Friday, HE Fahad bin Mohamed Al Attiyah said that the said conference is being attended by around 50 NGOs together with more than 7,000 figures representing the observer bodies.
“The 18th UN Climate Change Conference (COP18) presidency has financially and materially supported the NGOs by more than $ 500,000 to enhance their capabilities and enhance participation¬† through the society support programmes”, he told reporters.
Mosques, HE Fahad Al Attiyah said ,have devoted the Friday sermons to deal with topics related to climate change stressing meantime the positivity of such an issue, and voiced his belief that the message behind such a conference have already transmitted to a large number of people about the existence of the talks and discussions on climate change at the conference.
Earlier Thursday, the Chairman of the COP18 Organizing Sub-Committee of the 18th UN Climate Change Conference (COP18) told a similar press conference in which he said, “We are proud of that and we will work on raising the percentage of smart paper use in the coming days of the conference…. Smart paper technology used in the conference has saved up to 97% of the paper use over the past two days (750,000 paper sheet or 90 trees)”, he said.
The Organizing Committee invited several Arab and international organizations to participate in the conference, besides the participation of Qatar Sustainability Network (QSN), which includes a lot of companies and civil society organizations.
He further said that all the arrangements and logistic activities are going alright except for some minor complaints about transportation that will be addressed and handled.
HE Fahad bin Mohamed Al Attiyah added that thanks to the internal and external efforts of concerned parties, the conference is being held with the participation of up to 17,600 participants registered so far, in addition to 6700 monitors from non-governmental organizations, regional organizations, and media. He projected the number will increase in the coming days. (QNA)