House of Sillage Debuts Limited Edition Travel Spray in Finely Jeweled Solid Gold

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Aug. 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE ) — House of Sillage, a leader in the world of Haute Parfumerie, will debut its Limited Edition Private Collection Luxury Travel Perfume Spray this fall at curated fragrance and luxury lifestyle trade shows.

House%20of%20Sillage%20Debuts%20Limited%20Edition%20Travel%20Spray%20in%20Finely%20Jeweled%20Solid%20Gold%20Case House of Sillage Debuts Limited Edition Travel Spray in Finely Jeweled Solid Gold

House of Sillage Debuts Limited Edition Travel Spray in Finely Jeweled Solid Gold Case

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Inspired by a moment of sheer bliss during a hot tropical night on a remote island in the South Pacific, the artfully-designed piece resembles an emerald-green gecko climbing a beautiful exotic flower. The first and only one of ten made-to-order House of Sillage Private Collection Travel Spray features a glorious gecko, adorned with stunning bezel-set center and round Colombian green emeralds (more than two carats), climbing a leafy vine embellished with round brilliant-cut colorless diamonds (more than four carats). There are a total of 665 gemstones on the piece, all handset on an 18K yellow gold cylinder. This exquisite new design, which took months to execute, was created in-house and is priced at $118,000 retail. The Limited Edition Gold Travel Spray holds 7.5ml and comes with one of each of the brand’s six different fragrances along with the Certificate of Authenticity, packaged in a gorgeous Birdseye Maple lacquered gift box.

Luxury%20Haute%20Parfumerie%20Artfully%20Fuses%20Precious%20Fragrances%20With%20Rare%20Jewels%2C%20Limited%20Edition House of Sillage Debuts Limited Edition Travel Spray in Finely Jeweled Solid Gold

Luxury Haute Parfumerie Artfully Fuses Precious Fragrances With Rare Jewels, Limited Edition

“Our exciting new one-off statement piece is truly the essence of our passion for haute parfumerie created from the inside out,” said House of Sillage Founder Nicole Mather. “It’s an elegant addition to the House of Sillage line and represents a synthesis of artistry and craft, tradition and innovation.”

To see and experience House of Sillage’s exceptional fragrances, magnificent bottles and unique packaging, call 1.949.200.9265 or email: info@houseofsillage.com to make an appointment at Elements Showcase in NYC (Aug. 19 – 20), Excellence Fair in Barcelona (Sept. 25 – 28) and World Luxury Expo in Abu Dhabi (Sept. 27 – 29); or visit www.houseofsillage.com.

House of Sillage is a luxury haute parfumerie company based in California. The company creates extraordinary fragrances rivaled only by their breathtaking and coveted bottle-art designs. The scents are produced in France by a team of professional noses, artists and designers. Under the guidance of founder Nicole Mather, House of Sillage is dedicated to maintaining and surpassing the true definitions of Luxury and Perfume. The company currently distributes product in over 25 countries with plans to expand sales throughout select markets worldwide in the near future.

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