Internal split ends when elections are held, says senior Fatah official

CAIRO, The 10-year long internal Palestinian split can only end when the general elections are held in the occupied Palestinian territory, a senior Fatah official said late on Wednesday.

Member of Fatah Central Committee Azzam Al-Ahmed, who also heads the Fatah delegation to the Cairo reconciliation dialogue, told reporters at the conclusion of two days of talks for the Palestinian factions that the parties reviewed what has so far been implemented on the ground in the Gaza Strip as stipulated in the October 12 reconciliation agreement signed in Cairo between the two mainstream parties Fatah and Hamas.

During the two-day meetings, we reviewed what has been implemented, he said, adding we also stressed the need to enable the national consensus government to manage the affairs of the Gaza Strip in accordance with the Palestinian law as it manages the affairs of the West Bank.

Ahmed added that the factions agreed to remove all obstacles that hinder the performance of the government in Gaza before the beginning of December, affirming that there is a consensus not to place obstacles as the government assumes power in the Gaza Strip.

Egypt has sponsored the dialogue since its inception, he said. Among the decisions made today is that Egypt will monitor the implementation of the reconciliation agreement in the Gaza Strip through a number of officials, Ahmed revealed.

The Fatah official stressed that the crossings are part of the government’s empowerment, particularly Karam Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) and Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossings with Israel, adding that the Rafah crossing with Egypt has its special condition that delays its round-the-clock opening.

He noted that the Rafah crossing was supposed to be opened on 15 November but the opening was postponed, revealing that the Egyptian leadership continues to open it for humanitarian reasons until the obstacles are removed.

As for the security issue, Ahmad said the Palestinian weapon must be one. He was referring to the weapons held by fighters from Hamas and other factions; admitting, however, that security is a complicated file.

He accused regional powers of causing the Palestinian division, stressing that nobody can divide the Palestinian people because of their strong will.

Fatah and Hamas have agreed to hold further talks in Cairo during the first week of December on the obstacles that delay empowering the government in Gaza, while the factions will continue to hold meetings in the future on the remaining national issues.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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