Israel rejecting Palestinian Right of Return is great replacement theory, says Sanders Adviser

WASHINGTON, US Senator Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy adviser Matt Duss said that the Israeli rejection of the Palestinian right of return is the same as the “Great Replacement Theory”, which is the conspiracy theory that drove the Saturday night Buffalo, New York, shooter.

“In the Israeli-Palestinian context, ‘Great Replacement Theory’ is expressed as opposition to the Palestinian right of return, which treats Palestinians as a ‘demographic threat,’” said Duss. “US leaders condemn the former while constantly declaring support for the latter.

“It’s fine and appropriate to discuss the historical context for Israel’s restrictive immigration policies, which is different from the US,” Duss continued, saying that proponents of Israel’s position “should understand, though, that treating a disfavored minority as a ‘demographic threat’ is an approach shared by ethno-nationalist movements.”

Source: Palestine News & info Agency