Israeli plan violates international law

WAM Abu Dhabi, 19 Dec., 2012 (WAM)– Commenting editorially on the illegal decision of the Israeli government to build 1,500 new homes at an Israeli colony in occupied East Jerusalem, the English daily Gulf News said: “It is a clear demonstration that Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is not interested in peace.

It has abandoned any pretence of wanting the two-state solution, under which both Palestinians and Israelis would recognise each other with mutual respect, and build a peaceful relationship based on mutual recognition.

Netanyahu has abandoned this and is heading for Fortress Israel, under which Israel will refuse to recognise Palestine and will continue to impose itself on the region by military force,” it added.

“In addition, Netanyahu will probably be forced to expel the 1.5 million ethnic Arabs that make up 20 per cent of the Israeli population. He will not be able to tolerate the presence of the Arab-Israelis in Israel for too long. They are full Israeli citizens, but they do not meet Netanyahu’s plan for Israel, which is to build an overtly Jewish state and as their numbers increase, they will become a more dominant part of the Israeli population. This terrifies Netanyahu and his Zionist ambitions and he either has to abandon his plans or remove the problem. The expulsion of 1.5 million Arabs will dwarf any humanitarian crisis that we have yet seen, but without some action of that kind it is impossible to see how Netanyahu’s Fortress Israel will work,” the daily noted.

‘It is a matter of great regret that the US government has acquiesced to Netanyahu’s plans. President Barack Obama needs to take firm action to remind Netanyahu of his international obligations and his previous commitment to the two-state solution. He needs to stop all contact with the Israeli government till it stops building new colony homes on West Bank and starts removing the illegal colonies from Palestinian land. This means Obama should stop the generous grants and subsidies that the US continues to give Israel, with very little return. These huge gifts from the Americans are doing no good and are harming any chance of finding lasting peace in Palestine and Israel,” the daily concluded.

WAM/LT WAM/Latheef