Israeli planes spray poisonous pesticides on Palestinian crops at Gaza border

GAZA, � For the second consecutive day, Israeli planes Wednesday sprayed poisonous pesticides on Palestinian agricultural lands on the Gaza border with Israel.

WAFA correspondent said planes sprayed pesticides with the intention to eradicate all kinds of crops Gaza farmers had planted in their land adjacent to the borderline.

Israel has unilaterally declared a large border area inside Gaza as a buffer zone and opens fire at Palestinians who try to enter it, including farmers who want to cultivate the land. Most of the border area is considered rich fertile farming land.

In the meantime, five Israeli military vehicles, including two bulldozers and three tanks, crossed the borders with Gaza east of Jabaliya, in the northern Gaza Strip, and razed agricultural land, according to WAFA correspondent.

He said the tanks provided protection to the bulldozers as they leveled the land almost 150 meters inside Gaza territory destroying all crops planted there.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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