Jax.Network’s mining pool gains 1.58 Ehash/s

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Sept. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — JaxPool, a mining pool focused on merge-mining Jax.Network with Bitcoin, has increased its hashrate to 1.58 Ehash/s. That’s almost a 32% increase since last week. To put into perspective, Bitcoin SV (BSV) has only 0.54 Ehash/s and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has 1.43 Ehash/s at the moment of writing.

JaxPool was launched in August 2022 to allow miners to test their mining pool and different modes of participation. The pool offers negative fees, meaning miners don’t have to pay anything for mining BTC as a part of the pool. In addition, a 1% bonus in BTC is paid out for every Phash/s dedicated to the pool, not to mention extra rewards in JXN.

In less than two months, JaxPool has managed to surpass the average daily hashrate of both BSV and BCH. The latter happened just this week, as JaxPool reached an all-time high of 1.58 Ehash/s. At the moment of writing, BSV has 0.54 Ehash/s, while BCH increases its daily hashrate to 1.43 Ehash/s, which is still 0.15 Ehash/s lower than Jax.Network.

“We are extremely glad to see our pool growing as more miners decide to entrust their hashrate to merge-mine Bitcoin with Jax.Network. We expect to keep pace with the increasing demand and deliver top-notch user experience to miners,” Vinod Manoharan, Founder of Jax.Network, revealed in a comment.

About JaxPool

JaxPool is a BTC mining subpool under a top-5 mining pool. Its goal is to merge-mine Bitcoin with the Jax.Network blockchain and provide miners with increased profitability.

About Jax.Network

Jax.Network provides the technological infrastructure for a decentralized energy-standard monetary system. The Jax.Network blockchain is anchored to the Bitcoin network and issues two digital currencies JAX and JXN. Jax.Network aims at making these coins a universal standard for the quantification of economic value. Established in 2018, the company united professionals from all over the world to build a blockchain network based on the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism and pure state sharding as a scaling solution.

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