Jewish settlers attack Palestinian civilian cars on West Bank roads

HEBRON/NABLUS, Jewish settlers attacked with stones this afternoon Palestinian civilian cars driving on West Bank roads causing panic and concern for the safety of the passengers, according to witnesses.

They said settlers blocked roads in the south and north of the occupied West Bank and hurled stones at cars with Palestinian license plates causing damage to cars. There were no reports of injuries.

Palestinians as a result avoided the main roads where the settlers had gathered and took alternate longer routes to get to their destinations or homes.

The Israeli army had also set up roadblocks on different roads in the West Bank following an attack earlier in the day against settlers near Ramallah in which one settler was killed and two others injured and attacked the P.

The army blocked dozens of roads and stopped and searched cars that piled up on the road.

The roadblocks were later removed and traffic was back to normal except in places where settlers gathered and attacked Palestinian commuters.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency