Ambassador of Lebanon to UNESCO and head of the Arab Group in said organization, Khalil Karam, held a dinner banquet in Paris in honor of directors of Arab news agencies, during which the Ambassador asserted that he is working on a campaign to make upcoming phase that of the Arabs at UNESCO and its administration.

The event was attended by Ambassador of the Arab League at UNESCO, Boutros Assaker, and heads of Arab news agencies.

“UNESCO is a grand organization that is passing through a critical phase due to Arabs and their causes,” said Karam, asserting that the main cause of all Arabs remained that of Palestine.

“We are upon a great challenge this Monday, when the executive council launches its work. We are working on passing important decisions pertaining to Quds. We have formulated these decisions along with the Arab group in a way which we consider relatively acceptable. We hope to pass these decisions in a consensual way.”

Karam wished upon Arab news agencies to follow-up on Arab affairs at the UNESCO and accompany their activities; especially that four of the candidates to head the organization were of Arab origin.

“The meeting held between the directors of agencies and the UNESCO will open new horizons to the next phase to execute training programs for youthful journalists across Arab news agencies,” concluded the Ambassador.

Director of the National New Agency, Laure Sleiman, was among the key speakers at the event.

Sleiman considered communication between heads of news agencies and UNESCO an opportunity to open up new horizons of cooperation. She expressed the NNA’s great interest in cooperating with UNESCO in holding a workshop that aimed at putting an end to “hate speech online and in other media outlets.”

“Ambassador Karam has promised to aid us achieve this project,” said Sleiman.

Source: National News Agency

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