Lynk & Co 01 Becomes Officially Designated Car of the Olympic Council of Asia

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait, Sept. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — September 23, 2022, a day marking the one-year countdown to the 19th Asian Games extravaganza to be held in Hangzhou in 2023, witnessed another important moment, the official delivery of the Lynk & Co 01 to the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), which signifies the first time that Lynk & Co has become the officially designated car of an international sports organization. Representing vitality and the passion for sports, the Chinese marque Lynk & Co and its products fit perfectly with the theme of this Asian Games – Heart to Heart, @Future through their new definition for futuristic premium cars.

Hon. Dr. Husain A H Z AL-MUSALLAM, OCA Director General, and Zhang Jianwei, Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait, attended the delivery ceremony held in Lynk & Co Kuwait showroom, the first Lynk & Co dealership in the middle east region. Ambassador Zhang Jianwei expressed his recognition of Lynk & Co and its products and his expectation for better services from such a premium car brand.

Incorporating performance, technology, experience, and safety, Lynk & Co 01 is designed as a city SUV able to satisfy various mobility demands of urban life and has redefined the standard of premium mobility, which enables it to stand out from other cars of the same class.

Lynk & Co 01, the five-door compact SUV delivered to the OCA, boasts extraordinary performance more than an SUV supported by its strong powertrain, 218/160 Horsepower & 2.0 T4 EVO-8AT engine, and well-tuned chassis, the renovated travel experience brought by its leading infotainment system and seamless intelligent connectivity with the world, and the all-domain safety with a 5-star rating in 2021 E-NCAP test. These features will create a superior mobility experience for the staff of the OCA.

In 2021, Lynk & Co established its first presence in the Middle East – Kuwait. With the new milestone of being an official partner in mobility service for the OCA, Lynk & Co will see accelerated progress in its presence in other countries of this region.

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