Mohammed bin Rashid pays homage to those who serve UAE community

WAM Dubai, 4th Jan. 2013 (WAM) –Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum expressed today his deep pleasure and satisfaction at the interaction and engagement shown by the UAE community with his recent initiative to thank basic services workers.

”This year, like previous years, I asked the concerned authorities not to make any celebrations for the Accession Day on January 4. In the last two years, we highlighted key segments of the community that deserve our gratitude and attention such as orphaned children and mothers. This year, we focus on a new group: general labor employees such as gardeners, janitors, construction workers, domestic workers among others. These groups play an active role in society,” Sheikh Mohammed said when he launched the community-driven initiative through his Twitter account.

Sheikh Mohammed also paid homage to all individuals and companies for their prompt response to the initiative ”Thank You” aimed to honour these groups which play an active role in society and make ”our lives easier and better”.

”What we sensed over the previous days demonstrates the true spirit of the UAE community : love, kindness, and compassion among all. We thank everyone who did a favour to us without forgetting any one. Over the past few days, we saw many examples which inundated us with comfort, happiness and beautiful feelings….. this is not alien to the UAE community,” the Vice President said.

”We wish our message will reach all those working in the essential public services sectors that we appreciate their work and that their services are valued and appreciated by our community.

The UAE will remain an oasis of stability and prosperity for all those live on it and contribute to its development.” ”We thank all those who interacted with our initiative …….. the wonderful humanitarian acts we saw through the media outlets over the few past days are deeply entrenched traditions in the UAE community whose members adhere to the tolerant religion which preaches them to promote mercy, sympathy and kindness.” ”Through social websites, we saw photos of families, individuals and corporations all interacted spontaneously with our initiative without waiting for anything in return for that. What we admired most was the response of our children. The seeds of benevolence and kindness are spread in our community ground and we should water them and instill them in our children,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

Sheikh Mohamed dedicated his last Accession Day celebrations to honor orphans as well as mothers.