Municipality of Abu Dhabi City cracks down on Eid al-Adha Show

Abu Dhabi: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) launched an inspection on cosmetics outlets in participating at Eid al-Adha Show, confiscating many violating products including creams, slimming products, sex tonics, and contact lenses among other anonymous medical preparations and mixtures.

Khalifa Al Rumaithi, Director of Public Health, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, said, “These campaigns come in the framework of the Municipality’s keenness to enforce world-class health stipulations and standards as regards exhibits, public hygiene, and the fulfilment of health and safety requirements.” “The inspection teams carried out the campaign to verify that the exhibition venue complies with the public health stipulations and that exhibits conform to the public health standards ought to be met in keeping with the Municipality’s keen attention to safeguard the health of the community,” he added.

“The Municipality reviews very seriously health violations and enforces the relevant laws in a bid to provide a safe and healthy shopping environment for all expo goers,” he continued.

The campaigns, he said, “are also aimed to uproot the disorderly selling of lotions and cosmetic preparations noncompliant with the local health specifications and standards in place, and ensure that products contain clear labelling, including the country of origin, production/expiry dates and ingredients in Arabic and English.” Al Rumaithi noted that the campaign focused on inspecting and testing exhibits in terms of fitness for human consumption, confiscating and destroying materials posing health risks to community members, such as expired products or those nonconforming to health stipulations. He pointed out that the full-fledged campaign covered all exhibits including products related to the public health and safety, besides combating immoral activities in breach of public demeanour such as the sale of products bearing obscene images incompatible with the local customs, ethics and morals, besides, preventing the sale of medical products without official authorization from the competent authorities.

Al Rumaithi reminded all traders and exhibitors participating in the Show of the importance of cooperating with the competent authorities and complying with the health stipulations and standards that ought to be met in the exhibits and adhering to the laws governing such activities. He also cautioned the public against circulating and consuming materials in breach of the health stipulations as well as those of unknown origin since they are unsafe and can cause lots of skin and physical diseases in the long term.

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