Newspaper Review: Al-Khan al-Ahmar and efforts to confront Israeli eviction plans focus of dailies

News about al-Khan al-Ahmar, east of Jerusalem, and Israeli plans to evict its Palestinian residents and demolish their homes were highlighted on the front page of the three Palestinian Arabic dailies published today, al-Hayat al-Jadida, al-Ayyam, and al-Quds.

They also highlighted the Israeli occupation army admitting to killing Ahmad Kahla, 45, without posing a danger or threat as the army previously claimed.

Here are the main headlines of the three dailies:

Al-Hayat al-Jadida:

Palestinians confront Likud members and settlers who tried to storm al-Khan al-Ahmar

The occupation army admits killing Kahla without posing a threat or trying to stab one of its soldiers

The President receives the head of the Japanese Football Association

Ireland calls on the Israeli occupation to pay compensation after the destruction of European-funded buildings

Israeli police storm the home of released prisoner Karim Younis and take his relatives for interrogation

Shtayyeh discusses with the European Union foreign ministers cooperation to protect the two-state solution

Salah Hammouri: I will not give the occupier the opportunity to feel that they won by forcibly deporting me from Palestine

The Council of Arab Telecommunications Ministers adopts Jerusalem as the digital capital for the year 2023

Hamas continues to demolish dozens of homes and vital facilities west of al-Shati refugee camp

The Israeli legal advisor is in the process of discussing Netanyahu’s removal


Crowds confront an attempt by Knesset members from the Likud and settlers to storm al-Khan al-Ahmar

The occupation army admits to killing Kahla: He did not pose a threat and did not attempt to stab anyone

Dozens of settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque, raise the Israeli flag and sing “Hatikvah”

Shtayyeh calls on the European Union to reconsider the partnership agreements with Israel

The occupation forces arrested four youths west of Nablus, and suffocation cases during the storming of Beit Ummar

Israel decides to demolish every new building built within Area C

Clashes during incursions and settlers carry out attacks

Arara: The Israeli police storm the homes of the brothers of released prisoner Karim Younis

Hammouri refuses to be silent: My voice will be louder and stronger, and my fight will continue

The legal advisor denies discussing Netanyahu’s removal, and the government coalition warns


Officials: The plan to demolish al-Khan al-Ahmar will fail

Casualties in the old town of Hebron and the army raids Tulkarm

Police raid the house of Karim Younis and a number of his brothers and relatives were taken for interrogation

The occupation admits it executed Kahla

Shtayyeh discusses with the foreign ministers of the European Union cooperation to protect the two-state solution

Dozens of settlers storm Al-Aqsa and raise Israeli flags in its courtyards

Salah Hammouri refuses to remain silent after being expelled by Israel

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency