Oman Takes Part in 98th Meeting of Standing Committee for Arab Media in Kuwait

Kuwait, The Sultanate of Oman, represented by the Ministry of Information took part in deliberations of the 98th regular session of the Standing Committee for Arab Media, being hosted by the State of Kuwait.

Oman’s delegation to the session was led by Mohammed Said Al Balushi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information.

During the meeting, Oman, represented by the Ministry of Information, has put forward its visions on the item of media movement plan abroad, as it presented the vision on the observatory and the integrated electronic platform. Oman has stressed the importance of supporting digital content and adopting national initiatives capable of providing the Arab community with competitive content that carries deep implications. Oman also has expressed the desire to involve Arab countries with its experience in the “Ayn” platform.

During the meeting, several issues were discussed, most notably the Palestinian cause, including the issue of Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islamic and Christian sanctities, and the need to continue providing media support in this regard.

The meeting called on the Arab media to highlight efforts that support the Palestinian cause, in addition to devising a unified Arab plan to deal with developments in Jerusalem, and to confront attempts that aim to distort its features, as well as raising awareness of the public towards the gravity of the situation in Jerusalem.

The meeting seeks to approve a day for Arab media and an award for Arab media excellence, as well as adding the subject of media education in school curricula for all stages. The meeting also discussed celebrating the capital of Arab media every year, in addition to the establishment of the Arab institute for peace journalism.

Source: Oman Info