One new death from coronavirus, 324 cases recorded in Palestine in the last 12 hours

RAMALLAH, A new coronavirus-related death and 100 new cases were recorded in Palestine this morning in addition to 224 new cases since last night, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, which brings the overall total of coronavirus cases in Palestine since early March to 4013.

It said 60 of the new cases were in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem, 98 in the city of Hebron in the south of the West Bank, where the new death of an elderly woman was confirmed and most the recent cases, in addition to other locations throughout the West Bank.

With 637 recovered throughout Palestine, that is in East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip, and 16 deaths the active cases stood at 3360.

Broken down by region, the West Bank has 3525 cases, the Gaza Strip 72 and East Jerusalem 416. Recoveries included 403 in the West Bank, 60 in the Gaza Strip and 174 in East Jerusalem. Deaths: 11 in West Bank, four in East Jerusalem and one in the Gaza Strip.


Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency