Palestine records three COVID-19 deaths, 185 new cases

RAMALLAH, Palestine today recorded 185 new Covid-19 cases, three fatalities in Gaza, and 244 recovery cases in the last 24 hours, according to Health Minister Mai Alkaila.

Among the new 185 cases, 110 cases were recorded in the West Bank, and 75 others in the Gaza Strip.

She added in her daily report on the disease that 244 Covid-19 patients have recovered; 81 recovery cases in the West Bank and 163 others in the Gaza Strip.

She said that three people died of the disease in the Gaza Strip.

The recovery rate in Palestine has so far reached 98.3 percent, while active cases reached 0.7% percent. The death toll stood at 1 percent of total infections.

Alkaila said 44 corona patients are in intensive care units, including nine on ventilators.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency