Palestinians, including journalist, injured in Israeli crack down on Kufr Qaddoum march

QALQILIA, � At least nine Palestinians, including a journalist who works for Palestine TV, were injured as Israeli forces violently quelled Kufr Qaddoum weekly demonstration.

Coordinator of the popular resistance committee in the village, Murad Ishtawi, said Israeli soldiers used rubber baton rounds and tear gas canisters against protesters, injuring at least nine, including a journalist.

Forces reportedly took over a number of homes in the area, turning them into military outposts to target residents, who responded by throwing rocks and empty glass bottles at the soldiers.

Journalist Annal al-Jad’a was transferred to hospital for medical treatment after being struck in the foot with a tear gas canister. The rest of the wounded were treated at the scene.

Palestinian residents of Kafr Qaddum have been holding weekly demonstrations to protest the closure of their main road to Nablus and the expansion of the illegal Israeli settlement of Kedumim, which surrounds the village.

Chairman of the Palestine Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) and WAFA News and Information Agency, Ahmad Assaf, condemned the continued Israeli targeting of Palestinian journalists, stressing Palestine TV’s determination to carry out its national mission of exposing the Israeli occupation’s crimes committed against the Palestinian people.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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