Pan African Climate Justice Alliance Urges Industrialized Nations to Adhere to Kyoto Convention

Doha, November 27 (QNA) – The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) has called on  the  industrialized nations to commit to help Africa and to adhere to the Kyoto Convention .
The  PACJA, which includes about 300 civil society organizations from 45 African countries,  urged  in a statement issued during a special session held during the  18th conference of the UN Convention on Climate Change  in Doha today, developed countries to honor their responsibilities and reduce emissions heat.  It accused the  industrialized countries  of  trying to achieve its objectives through bypassing the  Kyoto  Protocol, “where these countries   such as Japan and the United States of America and some other countries are focusing on the indicators and the climate crisis phenomena rather than discuss the reasons behind their  occurrence .” , it  said  
The statement pointed out that industrialized countries attempt to achieve its objectives by bypassing the Kyoto Protocol, is a clear violation of international law, “as these countries seek to dismantle the current United Nations system for the climate and to replace it with another based on voluntary compliance.”  
 The statement noted that the results of Durban, South Africa negotiations  had  called for the continuation of talks without any strong commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and without reaching agreements or clear financial assistance commitments in addition to reaching agreement that does not distinguish between developing countries and industrialized nations. It  further said  “For us this means that the world would  come to another decade of lack of mobility and lack of action, which means that there is a disaster not only for Africa  but for the whole world “, pointing out that the new system should  be based on justice and equality.

 The PACJA)  also called on the  developed countries to shoulder  their historical responsibilities including  the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol  and to provide  assistance to the least developed countries with more environmental resources.
The statement  stressed  the  need for  more fair  solution   on a scientific basis  in order to address the structural causes and not just the symptoms, as  this would  encourage greater harmony between people and nations and to ensure respect for human rights for all and the rights of the Earth.
The statement said “It is  for  the  interest of the African people and other countries represented here in Doha, we want at least from industrialized nations to maintain the integrity of Africa and we want the Doha conference to give us a bit of security and safety, we know the risks that result from climate change and its impact on the lives of our farmers and our rural communities and therefore call for further consultations to reach stability in the environment and the air. “, the  Alliance added in its  statement
The statement  affirmed the right of Africa and its participation in development through to obtaining  the necessary skills, calling for supplying  Africa with  the necessary funds .. It  added :  “We are aware that current concentrations are the result of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG),  initiated by the industrialized countries”, .  It urged  the  industrialized nations to reduce the growth of emissions rates by more than 15% by 2015.
The statement  said  the developed countries have obligations that must be fulfilled,  pointing out that the cost of climate change in Africa was underappreciated,  a matter  that leads to  increasing drought and many environmental factors  in Africa. It once again urged  the  industrialized countries to avoid damaging  Africa, stressing that “these opportunities must not be compromised.” (END)