PLO member welcomes letter from European lawmakers, calls for accountability measures

RAMALLAH, Hanan Ashrawi, member of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)’s Executive Committee, welcomed in a statement released today a letter signed by over 1000 European lawmakers, whom she called on to lobby for accountability measures against what she described as Israel’s lawless, reckless, and hostile actions.

“The letter signed by over 1000 European lawmakers from 25 European countries against Israel’s impending annexation is a powerful message of commitment to the rules-based global order as well as the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people,” she said. “This is a welcomed development that echoes the true sentiments of these lawmakers’ constituencies. It also reflects a determination to confront the US administration and Israel’s agenda of fundamentalist ideology, unilateralism, and militarism that normalizes extraterritoriality and endorses grave breaches of international law.”

Ashrawi expressed appreciation for the collective efforts by lawmakers, officials and civil society.

“The Palestinian people receive this and other collective efforts by lawmakers, former officials, and civil society with warmth and deep appreciation,” she noted. “We know and trust in the power of solidarity that is anchored in our common humanity and our collective recognition that all peoples, including the Palestinian people, are entitled to a life of freedom, security, and respect for human rights.”

The PLO member called on the lawmakers to lobby for accountability as a response to Israel’s hostile actions.

“We call on European lawmakers to harness their collective will and to lobby for accountability, which is the only proper response for Israel’s lawless, reckless, and hostile actions. Without consequences, Israel will continue to destroy the foundations of peace and hope with impunity and shameful audacity.”


Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency