Presidency condemns Israeli plans to annex occupied Palestinian territories

RAMALLAH, In response to statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding annexation of West Bank territories occupied in 1967, the Palestinian presidency condemned and rejected these statements, which it said are consistent with the rejected American “deal of the century” plan, and stressed that annexation will not bring security to anyone.

The presidency stressed in a statement last night that “the Palestinian people and their legitimate and historic leadership will not allow this absurdity and disregard for the United Nations resolutions and the legitimate rights of our people, and that this destructive and dangerous policy will not bring security or stability to anyone.”

The presidency stressed once again that “the only way to security and stability is through adherence to international law and UN resolutions, including Security Council resolutions the latest of which is resolution 2334, the Arab Peace Initiative, and a set timetable to end the occupation as stated in the President’s (Mahmoud Abbas) speech before the Security Council on September 26, 2019.”

It affirmed once again that “the Palestinian people will not bow to the occupation, whatever the circumstances and suffering, and will continue their struggle and steadfastness on their land until the establishment of the independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh had also warned against Israeli plans to annex the occupied Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea as well as the large number of settlements scattered throughout the occupied West Bank.

He said in telephone calls with UN officials yesterday that such illegal plans would undermine international law and resolutions and threaten to end the two-state solution, calling for an international intervention to prevent Israel from proceeding with it.

Netanyahu and his political rival Benny Gantz of Blue/White party seem to have agreed on annexing parts of the West Bank in their efforts to put together an Israeli unity government after three failed elections in one year and months of deadlock, according to the Israeli media.

Reacting to this, more than 130 American Jewish leaders wrote Gantz urging him not to support the annexation plans.

“We have strongly objected to Israel unilaterally annexing West Bank territory and applying sovereignty to Jewish settlements,” they said. “It will be viewed as political opportunism by proponents of annexation during the worst possible moment and will make it more challenging for American Jewish leaders as they seek to maintain strong support for Israel and pro-Israel policies at this time.”

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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