Presidential committee denounces acquittal of extremist Jews who burnt church in Jerusalem

RAMALLAH, The Higher Presidential Committee for Church Affairs in Palestine condemned today the decision of an Israeli court to acquit Jewish extremists who set fire to the Church of the Sepulcher of Saint Mary in Jerusalem after the prosecutor went back on his indictment of the four extremists on the pretext of insufficient evidence despite their confession of the burning of the church and of the racist anti-Christian slogans they painted on its walls.

The committee said in a press release that this decision is a deviation from justice, even in the courts, when it comes to convicting Jews while arresting young Palestinians without charge or evidence or trials and for long periods of times that can reach dozens of years.

It said that these racist and subversive actions by extremist Jews under the protection of the courts and the Israeli government will lead to the creation of future Israeli generations molded with ideas and actions hostile toward the Palestinians.

One of the extremists accused of burning the church, Yanoon Reovini, who was acquitted by the Israeli court, had also burnt the Tabgha church on the northern shore of Lake Tiberius in 2015.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency