Prisoners’ Commission: 35 minors detained by Israel in September, fined over $12,600

RAMALLAH, Israel detained 35 Palestinian minors during September and imposed on them fines exceeding $12,600, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Commission said on Thursday.

It said the minors, who are under 18 years of age, were held at Ofer military camp, near Ramallah, of whom four were detained during night raids at their family homes, 20 taken from the roads, seven detained at military checkpoints in the occupied territories, three detained after they answered a summons and one for being in Israel without permit.

The commission said that 14 children were brutally beaten during detention, 20 who were sentenced to prison terms ranging between 31 days and nine months and two were held in administrative detention without charge or trial.

It said the arrest of minors, which jeopardizes their future, is a violation of international law and the convention on children.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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