Qatar Foundation’s Hassan Al Hammadi Awarded "HR Professional of the Year"

Doha, November 20 (QNA) – Hassan Al Hammadi, Executive Director of Human Resources at Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, received the prestigious “HR Professional of the Year” award at the HR Summit and Expo 2012 in Dubai, UAE.
The award, which is one of nine Middle East HR Excellence Award categories, is granted to an individual who has played a crucial role in developing effective HR policies and practices.
Al Hammadi was chosen from amongst a talented group of highly-respected HR professionals in the region. The awards, presented on Sunday, showcased outstanding success and celebrated individuals who have made a significant contribution to creating a skilled workforce for the future.
This is an important achievement for Qatar Foundation as Al Hammadi has succeeded at employing beneficial programmes and initiatives to improve operations within the organisation.
Through the application of sound HR principles and strategies, Al Hammadi has helped Qatar Foundation become a leader in best practices and enhanced overall staff performance. This is evident through visits from government departments and private sector business owners who are keen to adopt similar HR mechanisms and to learn from the Foundation s experiences.
“The real challenge in managing human capital at Qatar Foundation lies in the diverse interests of the Foundation, namely education, research and community development. As a team, we have executed a true transformation by employing strategic governance, deploying enabling technology and optimising operational processes,” said Al Hammadi.
Al Hammadi has extensive experience in linking talent schemes to business needs. His strengths include managing large-scale organisational change initiatives, building teams and optimising HR services and programmes to boost productivity. (QNA)