Qatar to Continue Supporting Yemen

Geneva, September 26 (QNA) – Qatar has asserted that it will continue its support to Yemen in passing the transition stage in order to achieve a secure future and in alignment with the Gulf initiative and its implementation mechanisms aimed at maintaining the security of Yemen and its stability with the consent of the various political parties in the country.
 This came in a speech of Qatar Permanent Mission to the United Nations Office  in Geneva delivered by Khalid Fahad Al-Hajri at  21st session of the Human Rights Council,  currently in session in Geneva from 10 to 28 Sept. under item number (10) on technical assistance and capacity building.
Hajri welcomed in this regard the recommendation of the High Commissioner, which calls on the international community to provide all the financial and technical support needed to plan the transitional government of Yemen to face of the related political and economic challenges.
He said that technical assistance and capacity building in the field of human rights is one of the basic tools and are of growing importance, which would enhance the capacity of Member States to respect their obligations relating to human rights and then the promotion and protection of human rights of its citizens.
 Al-Hajri reiterated Qatar’s commitment and its belief in the importance of strengthening technical cooperation and capacity building in the field of human rights. (QNA)


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