RasGas Delivers 41st LNG Cargo to Turkey

Doha, September 23 (QNA) – RasGas Company Limited (RasGas) has delivered a spot cargo of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to EgeGaz in Turkey. The fully loaded cargo was supplied on board RasGas  long term chartered Q-Flex vessel,  Al Sahla  to Aliaga Terminal in Turkey, the company said in a statement.
RasGas has been supplying LNG to EgeGaz for a long time and this was the 41st cargo sent to Turkey and the sixth this year. In 2011, it had sent six cargoes, including the first Q-Flex cargo to Turkey.
RasGas  Marketing and Shipping Executive, Khalid Sultan Al Kuwari said: “We are happy to continue to build our relationship with an important market like Turkey. This is another example where we demonstrate our ability to deliver a secure and reliable supply of LNG across most consuming regions.”  “Not only does it underline our continuing commercial relationship with EgeGaz, but also signifies another step in realising Qatar’s vision of becoming the world’s largest and most reliable supplier of LNG,” he said.
 “LNG is increasingly becoming the fuel of choice to meet rapidly expanding energy requirements all over the world based on its environmental benefits, flexibility, reliability and cost. We look forward to continuing to support Turkey’s energy needs and will continue looking for opportunities in the future,” Al Kuwari said.
The RasGas integrated shipping fleet consists of 27 LNG vessels, including 14 Conventional size and some of the world’s largest state-of-the-art LNG vessels   12 Q-Flex tankers (between 210,000m3 and 217,000m3) and one Q-Max vessel with an LNG cargo-carrying capacity of 266,000m3. These huge vessels allow more LNG to be transported per journey and require less energy per unit of cargo. This results in lower transportation costs, improved energy efficiency and reduced emissions, ultimately enhancing RasGas  flexibility to meet global demand.(QNA)


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